Welcome to new color spaces

LANXESS presents New Red – a new generation of iron oxide pigments based on a completely new production method that is employed in our new production plant in Ningbo, China. The ‘Ningbo Process’ represents a true leap in innovation and offers special advantages in terms of sustainability and pigment quality.
As an extension of our proven Bayferrox® portfolio, we are the only company in the world to cover the full spectrum of yellow-shade reds for high quality paints and coatings with New Red pigments. And what's more – for the first time, the new process can also produce red pigments in previously unattainable color spaces.

Up to now, LANXESS was able to manufacture quality red pigments with the Laux process. It is an outstanding example of efficient and resource-saving iron oxide production first established 90 years ago at our German site in Krefeld. However the color spectrum in the range of particularly bright, yellow-shade reds was limited. Our answer to this challenge: the development of an entirely new process, which offers significant advantages over the traditional Penniman and Copperas production methods for producing yellow-shade red pigments. The ‘Ningbo Process’ is named after the location of our advanced new manufacturing facility on China’s east coast. Here, the synthesis production has started as planned in the first quarter of 2016.

With its New Red pigments LANXESS redefines the possibilities of iron oxide based paints and coatings with New Red pigments. In addition to color spaces of the classic Penniman and Copperas types, the New Red range also includes pigments with higher red and yellow values than any other iron oxide red pigments currently commercially available. This is made possible by the innovative Ningbo Process technology. It includes the use of selected raw materials, a precisely controlled process management of pigment synthesis reaction from a seed with defined particle structure as well as modified pigment synthesis.

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