Porto Feliz - Brazil

The sustainability site.

The Porto Feliz site in Brazil is setting new standards for the whole of LANXESS, and not just because it uses renewable raw materials.

The LANXESS plant in Porto Feliz, Brazil, is the largest production site for inorganic iron oxide pigments in the Americas. Over 270 employees there manufacture the high-quality pigments in yellow, red, black and mixtures of these colors. The pigments are sold primarily in North, Central and South America.

The production systems used to manufacture inorganic pigments in Porto Feliz operate on an eco- and resource-friendly basis. For example, professional process optimization in the “reaction change and water recycling” project has helped cut water consumption for each metric ton of product by 40 percent. This achievement required a raft of measures, beginning from the point when water is removed from the river to its clarification and return. The project also cut wastewater treatment and operational costs, while simultaneously improving productivity and product quality.

Another important example is the site’s own power plant, which went into operation in March 2010. It is an innovative, highly efficient cogeneration plant that produces electricity and steam. It has a capacity of 4.5 MW and achieves an efficiency rating of up to 90 percent. It is also powered by bagasse, a fibrous component of sugar cane that is left over after sugar production. Thanks to the use of this sustainable, environmentally friendly raw material, energy is produced on a completely CO2-neutral basis. The amount of CO2 released is directly proportional to the volume absorbed by the sugarcane crops as they grew.

Besides environmentally friendly production, LANXESS is also committed to social projects in Porto Feliz. For example, the company has helped to build a local fire department control center, a hospital and a school close to the plant, and also maintains three reading rooms. Furthermore, the company has succeeded in fully integrating disabled employees into the production process.

LANXESS Inorganic Pigments has yet more investment planned for the site, not only in regards to product innovations, improving processes and expanding capacities, but also promoting social activities and living up to its social responsibility in Porto Feliz.