A young company with strong roots.

LANXESS is a global player with strong roots. The production of inorganic pigments started in 1926. Combining a long tradition and experience with the dynamism of a young organization, LANXESS grew from a strategic realignment of the Bayer Group’s plastics and chemical businesses at the beginning of 2005.

Relive the fascinating history of synthetic inorganic pigments from its origin by clicking your mouse along the time bar. Enjoy an interactive trip through time.

01.Jan 1973

200,000 tons

The annual production volume reaches 200,000 tons

01.Jan 1976

New name

Bayferrox® becomes a synonym for high quality iron oxide pigments

01.Jan 1978


The first international site in New Martinsville, West Virginia starts production of inorganic iron oxide pigments. (Site closed in 2007)

01.Jan 1987

Low Silking

Bayferrox® 915, a so called “low silking” pigment is marketed. In contrast to conventional needle-shaped iron oxide yellow pigments, this pigment has an almost spherical structure. Thereby, the individual pigment particles do not align themselves in a certain direction and, as a result, differences in color shade – depending on the angle from where you look at it – are avoided.

01.Jan 1988

Heat stable pigments

Colortherm® is marketed as the new brand for very heat stable inorganic pigments. The first product is Colortherm® 10, which achieves high heat stability through an additional inorganic surface treatment

01.Jan 1991


A new delivery form is developed. The new granules are dust-free and free-flowing

01.Jan 1995

Technical Oxides

Bayoxide® pigments, based on iron and chrome oxides, enlarge the existing product portfolio. These products are used for technical applications in which the color properties play only a minor role

01.Jan 1996

International growth

With new sites in Porto Feliz (Brazil) and Taopu (near Shanghai, China,) the production network for inorganic pigments is enlarged

01.Jan 1997


The new delivery form of free-flowing compacted pigments is marketed

01.Jan 1998

New blending facility in Great Britain and Australia

Additional mixing and milling facilities in Branston (UK) und Sydney (Homebush Bay, Australia) enlarge the existing production networt

01.Jan 2002

Clean drinking water vie Bayoxide® E 33

The product Bayoxide® E 33 is marketed. With this product arsenic or other ions can be removed from contaminated drinking or non-drinking water sources. It is also called an Arsenic Adsorber

08.Apr 2003

Special pigments for coatings applications

At the European Coating Show in Nuremberg the High Performance and High Performance Special Pigments portfolios are introduced. These pigments are developed particularly for paint and coatings applications

07.Nov 2003

Decision to realign the Group

The Supervisory Board of Bayer AG approves the comprehensive realignment of the Bayer Group proposed by the Board of Management of Bayer AG.

18.Mar 2004

LANXESS is the name

Announcement of the name LANXESS by the Board of Management: a combination of “lancer” (French: to launch) and “success”.

27.Mar 2004

Presentation of the brand strategy

The clear logo and the striking corporate design emphasize the targeted approach. The slogan indeed summarizes the company’s mission concisely: “Energizing Chemistry”

01.Jul 2004

LANXESS starts at the internal level

LANXESS introduces its new structure internally on July 1, 2004. An important milestone in the realignment of the Group is reached as a result. LANXESS can operate largely independently from now on. Information events about the launch of LANXESS are held in Leverkusen and in the overseas subsidiary companies.

28.Jan 2005

Entry in the commercial register/spin-off

All Bayer shareholders receive LANXESS shares in addition to their existing Bayer shares. One LANXESS share is issued for every 10 Bayer shares.

31.Jan 2005

LANXESS obtains a stock market listing

The shares are officially traded for the first time in the Prime Standard on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on January 31, 2005.

01.Sep 2006

80 years iron oxide

For 80 years high quality iron oxide pigments have been produced in Krefeld Uerdingen.

12.Dec 2006

LANXESS rearranges its Management Board

Dr. Axel C. Heitmann is confirmed as Chairman of the Board and Matthias Zachert as CFO for another five years. Rainier van Roessel is appointed as a new member of the Board.

16.Mar 2007

Changes to the Management Board

Dr. Werner Breuers is appointed to the Management Board by the Supervisory Board effective May 15, 2007. Dr. Rainier van Roessel is named Labor Relations Director and assumes all responsibilities of Dr. Martin Wienkenhoever, who leaves the Group effective March 31.

08.Feb 2008

Colored Concrete Works

A new campaign designed mainly to address architects is introduced at the „Ulmer Betontagen“ in Germany

26.Jun 2008

LANXESS makes first acquisition in China

With its first acquisition in China, specialty chemicals company LANXESS AG is expanding the Asian business of its Inorganic Pigments business unit. In Jinshan, near Shanghai, LANXESS is to acquire two production units from its previous cooperation partner Jinzhuo Chemicals Company Ltd, one of which it had already leased since 2007. With this acquisition LANXESS will expand its global production capacity for inorganic pigments by five percent. The facility in Jinshan is one of China’s largest and uses state-of-the-art and environmentally compatible production methods.

07.Oct 2008

LANXESS will eliminate climate gas emissions almost completely at its Porto Feliz site

Specialty chemicals group LANXESS AG is building its own innovative, highly efficient cogeneration plant at its Brazilian site in Porto Feliz for the combined generation of steam and electricity. The new plant will operate with bagasse, the fibrous components of sugar cane which are left over from sugar production. Through the use of this renewable, environmentally friendly fuel, energy generation becomes completely CO2-neutral.

31.Jan 2010

Five years on the Stock Exchange

On February 1, 2010, specialty chemicals group LANXESS marks the fifth anniversary of becoming a listed company. Some 14,600 employees working at LANXESS sites around the globe will celebrate the day the group was first listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The first price quoted for LANXESS shares on January 31, 2005 stood at EUR 15.75. Five years later, on February 1, 2010, the opening price was EUR 27.42.

09.Mar 2010

Sustainability – a matter of principle

With the opening of the CoGeneration Plant at the production site in Porto Feliz, LANXESS Inorganic Pigments starts its global sustainability campaign

23.Jun 2010

Production record in Krefeld-Uerdingen and global investments

In May LANXESS Inorganic Pigments produced 25,000 tons of inorganic pigments, a new production record for the Krefeld-Uerdingen facility. The target is to increase capacities at all sites with investments of 20 million Euro during 2010.

24.Jun 2010

Technical Improvements in Jinshan, China

At the production site in Jinshan (Shanghai,China) a further expansion phase is completed, the plant can now produce at a full capacity of 28,000 tons. The LANXESS site in Jinshan is the largest production facility for iron oxide yellow pigments in Asia.

30.Sep 2010

New product logos

With new product logos that show a clear belonging to LANXESS, the business unit inorganic pigments presents its products in a consistent and valuable way – under the LANXESS umbrella

21.Oct 2010

Further growth in China

Capacities at the production site in Jinshan (Shanghai,China) are further increased. In addition to the existing yellow production plant, 10,000 tons of black iron oxide pigments can now also be produced

01.Feb 2011

85 years iron oxide pigments made in Krefeld-Uerdingen

For 85 years Bayferrox® pigments made in Krefeld-Uerdingen have been used to color our lives. Since production started, over 12 million metric tons of these high-quality color pigments have left the LANXESS plant. Red pigments, produced by the Laux process, are unique in their color shade and product properties.

04.May 2012

Innovative iron oxide for desulfurizing biogas

LANXESS has developed Bayoxide E 16, a highly effective synthetic iron oxide for reducing hydrogen sulfide in biogas that can be added directly to the fermentation reactor. The new product is a cost-efficient alternative to conventional desulfurization processes, such as the use of activated carbon.

05.Sep 2012

LANXESS to enter German stock index DAX

The Stock Indices Working Group of Deutsche Boerse AG decided to include LANXESS AG in the German benchmark index DAX 30. The specialty chemicals group will form part of Germany's leading share index, effective September 24, 2012. LANXESS shares closed on September 5 at EUR 60.00.

20.Nov 2012

1st Colored Concrete Works Award

LANXESS presented the 1st Colored Concrete Works Award to the prominent architect David Chipperfield for his “Ciutat de la Justicia” in Barcelona.

05.Dec 2012

Bayoxides from LANXESS for e-mobility

LANXESS has developed a range of iron oxides for the production of cathodes for lithium-ion batteries.

01.Feb 2013

LANXESS is the first iron oxide producer to achieve SCS Recycled Content Certification

LANXESS pigments can contribute towards the content of recycled materials in a building. This can assist in gaining LEED certification and other green building initiative credits.  

04.Jul 2013

LANXESS starts construction of the most modern iron oxide pigments site in China

LANXESS has started piling a premium iron oxide red pigments facility in Ningbo.

22.Nov 2013

1st LANXESS Pigments Symposium

 LANXESS kicked off its first Pigments Symposium on the topic of “Sustainable Technology for a Clean Environment”.

01.Mar 2014

LANXESS retains SCS Certification

LANXESS retains SCS Recycled Content Certification and remains the only iron oxide producer globally to have achieved this. LANXESS pigments can contribute towards the content of recycled materials in a building. This can assist in gaining LEED certification and other green building initiative credits

01.Apr 2014

Zachert becomes CEO

Matthias Zachert assumed the position of Chairman of the Board of Management of LANXESS AG on April 1.

26.Feb 2015

2nd Colored Concrete Works Award

LANXESS presented the 2nd Colored Concrete Works Award to the architect Akihisa Hirata for setting new standards in the use of colored concrete with his “innovative "Alp" building in Japan

19.Nov 2015

2nd Pigments Symposium

Worldwide experts attended the second LANXESS Pigments Symposium in Shanghai, China to discuss “"The global pigments industry in transition - Turning challenges into sustainable value creation"

20.Nov 2015

LANXESS Ningbo Pigments Plant Inauguration

Premium iron oxide red pigments will be produced using a newly developed and highly sustainable production process.

21.Sep 2016

90 years of synthetic iron oxide production in Krefeld-Uerdingen

LANXESS produces iron oxide and chrome oxide pigments for numerous applications in the world’s largest production plant for inorganic color pigments in Krefeld-Uerdingen – and has been doing so for 90 years.

18.May 2017

3rd Colored Concrete Works Award

LANXESS presented its third Colored Concrete Works Award in Berlin on May 17, 2017, to a distinguished architect who has achieved something unique in the use of colored concrete. This year’s award goes to Rudy Ricciotti for his “Musée des Civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée” (MuCEM) project in Marseille in the south of France.

03.Nov 2017

Bayferrox® NEW RED pigments now available!

Thanks to our Bayferrox® NEW RED pigments range, we now offer the full spectrum of red iron oxides for high-quality paint and coatings applications.

01.Dec 2017

Holger Hüppeler leads the inorganic pigments business unit

Holger Hüppeler takes over the management of the Inorganic Pigments (IPG) business unit of LANXESS from December 1, 2017.

08.Apr 2018

LANXESS receives National Green Plant certificate

LANXESS recently received the National Green Plant certificate for its plant in Ningbo from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of the People’s Republic of China.