Driving safety via technical oxides

The use of Bayoxide® helps to ensure a controlled unfolding of airbags

Bayoxide® products from LANXESS are used in the automotive industry in airbag systems. By use of these technical oxides  driving safety can be improved.
Iron oxides are used together with sodium azide in airbag gas generators. The iron oxide serves as an oxidizing agent and for scorification of the sodium formed in the gas-evolving reaction. Iron oxides are also used in azide free systems.
The requirements placed on the iron oxide used in this critical safety application are high. Therefore, LANXESS developed the product Bayoxide® E AB 21 which has low heavy metal content, neutral to slightly alkaline pH and excellent free flowing properties.

Bayoxide® aids in the controlled unfolding of the airbag can be ensured in the event of an accident.

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