Heat stable pigments for coil coatings

Special High Performance Bayferrox® and Colortherm® pigments can be used in coatings for steel or aluminum coils

Coil coating is the continuous coloration on one or both sides of metal sheets. The coated metal is then used to manufacture a wide variety of products including building facades, domestic appliances and roofing systems. 

The High Performance and High Performance Special Pigment ranges, which have been developed specifically for coatings applications, have a narrower specification range for color shade and color strength. In addition, they are distinguished by their high dispersibility. This is achieved by micronization, a very intense milling process which significantly reduces the level of pigment agglomerates

Pigments for use in coil coatings need to be extremely heat stable. From the Bayferrox® product ranges, red pigments manufactured using the Laux-process are widely used. As a result of the manufacturing process, which includes a high temperature calcining step, these pigments have a higher intrinsic hardness than other precipitated pigments. They are very resistant to color change during high energy dispersion processes. Moreover, the red pigments show outstanding heat stability. In addition to the Bayferrox® red pigments, two very heat stable manganese ferrites can also be applied; Bayferrox® 303T, a black pigment and Bayferrox® 645 T a reddish brown pigment.

For coloring of yellow and green powder coatings, pigments from the Colortherm® product range are used. Normal iron oxide yellow pigments possess limited heat stability. Colortherm® Yellow 10 is subjected to an inorganic after treatment which was developed to increase the heat stability. Colortherm® Yellow 30 and Colortherm® Yellow 3950, both stabilized zinc ferrites, are also very heat stable and can be used very successfully in the manufacture of coil coatings. Colortherm® Green pigments are made from chromium oxides. They also exhibit excellent heat resistance, light fastness and weather stability.

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