Safer traffic via colored asphalt

Red, Yellow, Brown, Green or Black, Bayferrox® and Colortherm® pigments of various colors are used in the coloring of bituminous mixtures for asphalt. Red color shades are most commonly used.

Gone are the days when the ground beneath our feet and wheels was restricted to gray; modern urban and landscape design has long used color as a design element. Colored asphalt and mastic asphalt guide traffic, show the

way, designate zones and decorate plazas. In soft or strong tones, matched to the ambience of the surroundings.

Our customers can choose from a broad palette of pigments for the coloring of bituminous mixtures as the raw materials for asphalt and mastic asphalt. Our range of lightfast, weather-stable pigment grades with high tinting strength guarantee long-lasting colors in any field of application.

Inorganic pigments from LANXESS such as iron and chrome oxide or mixed phase pigments are ideally suited for the coloring of bituminous mixtures. With its broad color palette, LANXESS also offers the greatest possible design freedom, with the color being influenced solely by the bitumen used. Dark standard bitumen are most commonly colored red using heat stable iron oxide red pigments with high tinting strength. 

By using light-colored specialty bitumen, the color spectrum can be extended to even include white surfaces. Many manufacturers today offer these grades of bitumen. In addition to the pigments already mentioned, iron oxide yellow, brown and black can also be used with light bitumen. However, certain restrictions pertaining to heat stability must be observed at mixing temperatures above 160 – 180 °C, which occur in the production of mastic asphalt.

An important question, especially in the face of the larger quantities of iron oxide red used, is how to most easily add the pigments to the mixture. LANXESS offers customized solutions. 

The Global Competence Center Construction will gladly answer individual customer inquiries with respect to dosing equipment, this field of application or to provide further information about the LANXESS pigments.