Iron oxide lends color to fertilizer

The fertilizer industry uses Bayferrox® pigments to give its products a characteristic color

Bayferrox® pigments are used to lend a characteristic color to fertilizers which are often colorless. For example, iron oxide pigments can be used to achieve the slightly reddish shade of some high quality, naturally occurring potash salts which are preferred by some users.

In general all LANXESS iron oxide pigments are non-hazardous. In chemical terms, they are comparable with naturally occurring iron oxides. With regard to their color, however, they are superior to their natural counterparts because of their higher purity and their particle morphology.

In some countries regional fertilizer regulations allow only very high purity pigments to be used. Local regulations should be examined before selecting the appropriate pigment.

The Global Competence Center Specialties will gladly answer individual customer inquiries with respect to this field of application or provide further information about LANXESS pigments.