Bayoxide® pigments for polished surfaces

Due to the high intrinsic hardness, Bayoxide® can be used as polishing agent

LANXESS offers special products for use in abrasives or polishing agents. Chromium oxide pigment Bayoxide® C GN-B and  iron oxide pigment Bayoxide® E III both display a high intrinsic hardness, and are therefore ideally suited to these applications. They have been used for decades for metal polishing. For example the polishing of chromium-plated faucets and car bumpers, as well as the surface treatment of glass for automobile windscreens or optical-quality glass.

The performance of chromium oxide can only be partly achieved by other abrasives such as aluminum oxide. It is of particular interest in the manufacture of polishing agents which require high hardness.

In addition to aluminum oxide and titanium dioxide, iron oxide is also used as an abrasive in similar applications to chromium oxide. Despite its lower hardness, iron oxide also has good abrasive properties. The choice of the most appropriate oxide will depend on the application and, to a large extent, on the properties of the substrate.

The Global Competence Center Specialties will gladly answer individual customer inquiries with respect to this field of application or provide further information about LANXESS pigments.