LANXESS brown pigments are mixtures of yellow, black and red. They are mainly used to color construction materials.

Bayferrox® brown pigments can be produced at all LANXESS sites across the globe. They are mixtures of yellow, black and red pigments. Depending on the mixing ratio, both very pale shades of brown and almost black hues can be achieved.

The main area of use is the construction industry, where these pigments are found in a wide range of applications. Like all LANXESS inorganic iron oxide pigments, they offer excellent tinting strength and color consistency. Their chemical composition and structure ensures that products are completely lightfast and offer excellent weather and UV stability.

One special brown pigment is Bayferrox® 645 T. It is a reddish brown iron manganese oxide blend that features excellent heat stability thanks to the addition of manganese oxide. As a result, it meets all the requirements for use in the paint and coatings industry.

LANXESS brown pigments range from a pale yellowish cast to an intense dark brown shade.