Bodega Antión, La Rioja, Spain

A winery and work of art.

A bodega that bewitches the senses.

In developing the concept for the Bodega Antión in Spain, internationally renowned architect Jesús Marino PASCUAL focused

on creating much more than just a site for wine production.

Rather the bodega’s architecture therefore unites three basic elements: the production and presentation of high-quality Rioja

wines, a restaurant for an exclusive gastronomic experience and luxury hotel accommodation. The Bodega Antión is like a

“walk-in vine” that not only offers visitors a complete wine experience, but also represents an architectural work of art.

The “public” section of the bodega is constructed above ground.

The ocher tone of the concrete flows throughout the structure and echoes the architectural approach of integrating differing levels and spaces into the overall concept.

To produce the ocher-colored concrete (Ready Mix), the iron oxide pigment formirapid® yellow, based on Bayferrox® 920, was mixed into the concrete.

Once pressed, the wine has to be stored and allowed to age undisturbed.

This requires an appropriate building with a constant atmosphere. Like the roots of a vine, the storage halls are buried deep in the ground. Thanks to its dimensions, this solid underground construction also  provides an impressive backdrop for displaying the wine.