Daum Kakao Space.1, Jeju Island, South Korea

Earthy Shape and Color

Virtuality has seldom found such structural expression as in the case of Daum Kakao Space.1, where the concept of a Data Highway has been applied to architecture in a most spectacular way. Daum Kakao, one of South Korea’s largest IT companies, has collaborated with Minsuk Cho, Korea’s foremost architect, to draw up a master plan.
To implement his visionary design, Minsuk Cho selected a material and color that were an authentic rendering of the island’s typical features. After an intense search, he decided on concrete colored with Bayferrox® pigments to mimic the island’s volcanic rock. No other building material could better form a link to the region’s geological formations.
Specifically, it was Bayferrox® 318, Bayferrox® 920 and Bayferrox® 4130 that were used in the formulation. The resulting mixed color tone was a perfect match of Jeju Island’s typical volcanic rock. Integrally colored concrete also proved to be an excellent building material for the project because it supports creative geometries and characteristic surface textures. And not least, the image of the project as an organic design also benefits from the eco-friendly properties of this building material.