Eurobruggen, Spijkenisse, Netherlands

From european banks to river banks – A bridge from art to reality

Applied art – there is hardly a more fitting term to describe the ambitious Eurobruggen project from the pen of graphic designer Robin Stam. The fictitious bridges found on Euro bank notes since 2002 became reality in southern Holland between 2011 and 2012: a selection from the seven viaducts in total, each dedicated to a different era, that adorn the reverse of the currency. So far, three of the seven bridges have been replicated in Het Land, a district of numerous canals in Spijkenisse outside of Rotterdam.
What started out as a game for the young graphic designer has since been cast into imposing concrete. To give his bridge designs a special touch from the world of stage sets, the artist chose concrete integrally coloured with Bayferrox® pigments. Colortherm® GreenGN, Bayferrox® 330 G, Bayferrox® 110 and Bayferrox® 960 were chosen in order to match the colours of the fictitious bridges on the 5, 10 and 50 Euro notes as closely as possible.