Justice Center, Bochum, Germany

Merging of the courts at one location

Following the departure of Bochum’s oldest high school, construction of a new justice center began in 2012 on the former school campus according to plans by the Berlin architects Hascher-Jehle Architektur. A total of six new inter-connected buildings were erected to accommodate the various legal authorities, such as the Labor Court, District Court, Public Prosecutor’s Office and Social Services.
Their appearance is characterized by a red construction from architectural concrete that houses the courtrooms.
The hall wing, the place where justice is administered, was kept in red and deliberately marked as the center of the building complex. The dual-layer outer skin consists of architectural concrete elements colored in red with Bayferrox® iron oxide pigments.
It is striking that the intense red of the hall wing has no perceptible color variations in the colored precast concrete components. These components were manufactured to the highest quality standards by the German company Hemmerlein Ingenieurbau GmbH.
Besides the precisely specified addition of Bayferrox® iron oxide pigments, any variations in color were avoided thanks to the use of state-of- the-art mixing technology in the daily mixing of the concrete.