Rudapithecus, Felsőtelekes, Hungary

The revival of a forgotten area

On an old abandoned mine site, an impressive symbiosis of color and architecture brings new life to one of the most underdeveloped areas in Hungary: the landscape museum „Rudapithecus Spectacle“, located in the Felsőtelekes region on the outskirts of the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén district.

Planned by renowned architect Zsolt Vasaros, the towering monoliths made from red colored concrete with their impressive, timeless appearance build on the regional character of the old Rudabánya iron mines.

The idea behind the construction has its roots in the discovery of "Rudapithecus", a 6 –10 million-year-old hominid whose remains were found inside the mine in 1965. It took until 2011 that the decision was made to revive this area with an exhibition building showcasing the habitat of Rudapithecus. The exhibits are protected from external influences by the reinforced concrete construct.