Steinsdalsfossen, Bergen, Norway

Tourist Information Centre - Breathtaking Nature

In Norway, tourists have the opportunity to experience beautiful natural landscapes contrasted against bold architecture.
Visitors who take a trip along one of the many scenic Norwegian country routes to see the Steinsdalsfossen waterfall, are treated to a dramatic nature experience.
With its concrete-finished architecture, the new tourist information center offers fascinating views of the spectacular landscape.
The tourist information center was designed entirely as a construction of cast-in-situ concrete and finished with smooth fair-faced concrete. The solid self-compacting concrete achieved its green metallic tint through colouring with Chrome Oxide pigments. After sampling several colors, a decision was made in favor of the green pigment Colortherm® Green GN by LANXESS – whose pigment-experts intensively supported the architectural firm Einar Jarmund and Håkon Vigsnæs in developing a suitable tint.