Colored Architecture

3. Colored Concrete Works Forum from the BU IPG in Spain / Architects share information and discuss the possibility of using color in concrete

Gijon -

In April, the 3rd Colored Concrete Works Forum* took place in Gijon, Spain. The series of events, which was brought to life last year by the initiative of the Inorganic Pigments business unit (BU IPG), is aimed at architects, who wish to discuss the use of color in concrete. About 110 experts were invited this time around and, through the exciting expert presentations, they were able to learn how the high-performance pigments from Bayferrox® could make a valuable contribution to their work.

One of the highlights was the presentation from Jesus Marino Pascual, an internationally renowned and multiple-award-winning architect from Spain. He had already used colored concrete in some of his previous projects, such as in the Bodega Antión in Spain – one of the modern wine cellars that doubles as a luxury hotel. Bayferrox® pigments were also used to add some color to this project.

Another highlight was the presentation from Antonio Fernández Morán. The architect, who is very well known in Gijon and has already designed three important hotels there, working together with esteemed international colleagues, lead the guests in a philosophical discussion on the significance of color in architecture and in human life in general.

Isabel Zamora, an employee of Europigments SL, the LANXESS BU IPG’s Spanish subsidiary, delivered a special presentation on the technical aspects of cement coloring. “As a general rule, architects are not even aware of what pigments are and what their special characteristics are. Therefore it is important to bring what is one of our important target groups up to date on the advantages of our high-performance pigments,” explained Zamora.

Javier Cantarell, LANXESS’ spokesperson for Spain, was also among those to give presentations, as were local politicians whose participation also drew media interest to the LANXESS event.

“The third meeting of the forum has firmly established the series of events. The discussion was lively, the presentations informative and the resonance among the guests were very positive. We are planning to organize further events this year,” said Thomas Pfeiffer, Vice President EMEA and Global Key Accounts.
To access the homepage of Colored Concrete Works, click the following link. (www.colored-concrete-works.com)

*The event is part of the larger initiative, Colored Concrete Works, a campaign from the Inorganic Pigments Business Unit, which is targeted at architects, construction supervisors and representatives from noteworthy construction companies. As part of this campaign, concrete examples of possible applications are published and symposia and seminars organized, which address the multifarious aesthetic and technical characteristics of concrete colored using Bayferrox® pigments.