Winning goal

Brazil learns from LANXESS solutions in South African soccer stadiums

Krefeld -

The Brazilian team from the business unit LANXESS Inorganic Pigments has scored a winning goal in preparation of the World Cup 2014 which will be held in Brazil. The Business Unit accompanied Brazilian architects to South Africa to learn about pigments solutions implemented in South African stadiums.

The trip to South Africa, host of the 2010 World Cup, took place from 02/28 to 03/07. The official team of twelve Brazilian architects responsible for constructing the stadiums for the World Cup 2014 visited the South African stadiums for one week and got to know the Brazilian Inorganic Pigments team and the available global technical support of IPG.

“Our goal was achieved. The week with the architects allowed us to introduce LANXESS, answer questions and, mainly, present possible solutions for high quality coloring of soccer stadiums that can be also used for the World Cup in Brazil. We managed to build a very strong bond with those opinion leaders”, explains Mariana Rodrigues, Marketing Coordinator at Inorganic Pigments Brazil.

The trip was used by LANXESS to promote a meeting between the Brazilian architects and Piet Boer, the architect responsible for the Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg, which will be the stage for the first and the final match of the World Cup in South Africa. The cladding around the Soccer City Stadium is made of fiberglass concrete panels colored with liquid colors using only Bayferrox® pigments. Pigments by LANXESS, liquid Colors by Harold Scholz and FIBRE® panels produced by the company Rieder form a perfect alliance to provide high class products.

Highlight of the meeting was the presentation by Lutz Kohnert, Head of Global Competence Center Construction at the Business Unit Inorganic Pigments. He introduced the global campaign “Colored Concrete works” and as a part of that campaign also case studies of different Bayferrox® applications around the world. “Kohnert’s presentation gave the Brazilian architects the chance to learn about various and innovative opportunities in using high quality pigments for applications in the field of construction”, says Givanildo Ferreira, Product Manager at Inorganic Pigments. “In addition, we could emphasize the advantages in terms of product quality Bayferrox® pigments provide for such applications.”

In the next few months the business unit will meet all the Brazilian architects again to discuss the solutions LANXESS Inorganic Pigments can provide for each of the projects. “We need to understand the architects’ needs to be able to offer a customized solution for each project. At the same time we can thereby discuss other applications, such as colored asphalt, that might also be interesting for the construction of the surrounding area of the stadiums”, says Ferreira.

The trip to South Africa was organized by the Brazilian World Cup website (www.copa2014.org.br) and SINAENCO (the Brazilian Association of Architecture and Engineering Consulting Companies), sponsored by LANXESS and other partnering companies.

Contact: Givanildo Ferreira