German Secretary of State Rainer Bomba visits LANXESS Bayferrox Production at the Porto Feliz Site

"Vision, Innovation and Drive"

Porto Feliz -

In the course of a trip to Brazil lasting several days Rainer Bomba, the German Secretary of State in the Federal Ministry of Transport, Construction and Urban Development, also visited the LANXESS site in Porto Feliz recently with a delegation. Here the political representatives were especially interested in the cogeneration power plant commissioned by LANXESS in the spring of 2010.
The generating plant is fueled by a renewable, environmentally friendly resource (cane sugar waste). This means energy generation for the production of high-quality iron oxide pigments under the Bayferrox® brand is entirely CO2 neutral.

Bomba – himself an engineering and business management graduate – appeared impressed by the sustainability concept that defines the plant: “This site demonstrates what can be achieved with vision, innovation and drive. Many companies, even in Germany, could learn a lot from this.” Since Secretary of State Bomba is also a voluntary fire department member, he was particularly pleased to learn that LANXESS supported the construction of the fire station in Porto Feliz: “Sustainability at LANXESS does not end at the factory gates, but also includes the local community around the site.”

During his tour of the facility, Bomba was accompanied by Marcelo Lacerda, CEO of LANXESS in Brazil, as well as Robert Madersdorfer, the Plant Manager in Porto Feliz, among others. In addition to the cogeneration power plant, their competent guest who was eager for discussion was also introduced to the individual process steps in the production of iron oxide pigments, including integrated waste water treatment, as well as the laboratories where the consistent quality of the synthesized interim and end products is monitored.

The politicians were visiting Brazil for two concrete reasons: For one, the presentation of the German proposal for the expansion of the Brazilian port of Santos coordinated by the “Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie” (BDI) (Federal Association of German Industry), and for another, the official German-Brazilian energy consultations held in São Paulo for the first time this year.