The LANXESS Colortherm® product line has a wide range of color shades and shows high quality properties for plastic applications

LANXESS Inorganic Pigments at BrasilPlast 2011

São Paulo -

At the 13th BrasilPlast LANXESS Inorganic Pigments presented its high quality Colortherm® product line for the plastic industry. The international plastics industry trade fair took place from 9th to the 13th of May in São Paulo, Brazil.

The LANXESS Colortherm® pigments are developed especially for the coloring of plastics and meet the highest technical requirements. They are in line with all European Union standards and are also registered by REACH.

Given the typically short dwell times and relatively low shear forces in the processing equipment, the pigments demonstrate good dispersibility. The pigments are easy to break down and distribute to reach their final tinting strength quickly. They also have high thermal stability, and their light fastness and weather stability are fully sufficient for the intended application. Most pigments are available in a micronized version with reduced agglomerates. All Colortherm® pigments are specially pre-tested in PVC to meet the high demands of the coloring of plastics.

With the brand Colortherm® LANXESS offers a range of inorganic color pigments for the plastic industry which satisfy all of these requirements.
Colortherm® iron oxide pigments include Yellows, Reds, Browns, Blacks and Greens in a wide variety of shades.

 “Colortherm® green pigments have excellent resistance properties. They show high heat and weather stability, light fastness and migration resistance. They are also appropriate for technical uses, such as the coloring of engineering plastics for machine components. Another interesting use is coloring artificial turf for soccer fields”, says Lothar Schwarz, Executive Manager of the Inorganic Pigment Business Unit for Latin America.

“The LANXESS’ portfolio of pigments for plastic meets all the standards of the plastic industry, especially those regarding use in food packaging and equipment”, concludes Nitemar Vieira, Technician for the plastics business of the IPG Business Unit.