In two separate workshops LANXESS Inorganic Pigments presented its Bayferrox G line to customers in Latin America. The workshops took place on September 22nd  in Mexico and on September 27th in Brazil. LANXESS granules products provide modern technology and economical usage for the construction market.

For many years basic powder pigments were used to color concrete products.
Nowadays, factors like the quality of the concrete products which can only be achieved with a precise metering and a thorough and homogeneous dispersion of the pigments, as well as the working conditions in the concrete plant, play an increasingly important role.
Thus the demands made on the processability of pigments used for coloring building materials have changed.
In order to meet these requirements, free-flowing dry pigment preparations - or micro granules as they are most commonly called - have been developed specifically for use in the concrete building products industry.
Developed for the construction market, the innovative product line was created to provide more economy and optimization in the process of using pigments and brings properties advantages such as: free flowing characteristics, which allow easy product handling, low dusting during the production processes, in addition to allowing optimal dispersion.
Bayferrox G granules allow easy, accurate and dust-free weighing and conveying.

Bayferrox® G - High performance and high quality
The high quality Bayferrox G pigments have a broad range of color shades. The majority is produced by the LAUX process – which has been used for 85 years in the LANXESS plant in Krefeld-Uerdingen, in Germany. The exclusive LANXESS production process is highly sustainable.
 “The Laux process in Krefeld-Uerdingen is an outstanding example of a unique, resource-saving production method. It was with this process that the Bayferrox success story began back in 1926. It is exemplary in its consistent use of the heat generated during the chemical reaction. This heat is used for the production of the steam and hot water that is needed to dissolve the iron sulfates or wash the pigments. The result is a process whose energy efficiency is currently unsurpassed” explains Lothar Schwarz, Executive Marketing and Sales Manager for Latin America of LANXESS Inorganic Pigments business unit.

The LANXESS Inorganic Pigment Business Unit (IPG) globally supplies its clients with technical services for the applications of its products as well as for dosing systems, through its Global Competence Center. “LANXESS IPG is one of the largest players in the iron oxide and chrome oxide industry, which is continuously investing in the growth of its business”, pointed out the executive.

For decades, Bayferrox pigments have proven their efficiency in the coloring of a wide range of products. They are characterized by their high quality, high processability and are environmentally compatible, meeting all of the required standards.