Pigments for the Automotive Industry

Bayferrox®, Colortherm® and Bayoxide® pigments ensure high quality automotive coatings and increased driving safety.

Both pigmentary and technical iron and chromium oxides from LANXESS have been used for many years in the automotive industry. On the one hand they are responsible for attractive, long-term coloring of car coatings. On the other hand their usage as technical oxides improves driving safety since they are used in brake linings and in airbags.

Within automotive coatings Bayferrox® or Colortherm® pigments are used in a large variety of coating systems. The covering strength of the pigments, the easy handling properties but also the light fastness and weather stability are all of high importance.

The product brand Bayoxide® represents all pigments in which the pigmentary properties are less important and the technical properties are in focus. For example, Bayoxide® grades are used in conventional automotive airbag systems as an oxidizing agent and for scorification of the sodium formed in the gas-evolving reaction. With the aid of the Bayoxide® product a controlled unfolding of the airbag can be ensured in the event of an accident.

A further example is the application of iron or chromium oxides in brake linings. Essentially, the brake linings can be colored in red, black or green, but more importantly, Bayoxide® grades are used to define a specific coefficient of friction.

The Global Competence Center Specialties will gladly to provide advice with respect to specific applications or further product information.