Pigmentary applications in ceramics

Bayoxide® and Colortherm® pigments ensure colorful ceramic stains and glazes.

For the manufacturing of ceramic stains and engobes, LANXESS provides technical chromium and iron oxides, marketed under the product brands Bayoxide® C and Bayoxide® E.

Colortherm® Green pigments are made of chromium oxide, have a green color, and can directly be used for coloration of glazes and enamels. The LANXESS Colortherm® Green pigments are characterized by very low chrome (VI) content.

All LANXESS products are distinguished by their high quality. They have a defined particle size, a high reactivity and stand for stable and long-term quality consistency. In addition they are easy to disperse. The pigments are manufactured using high-tech, state-of the-art and environmentally friendly processes. All production facilities worldwide are ISO certified.

The Global Competence Center Specialties will gladly provide advice with respect to specific applications or further product information.