Color pigments for the coating industry

High Performance pigments under the brand names Bayferrox® and Colortherm® are specifically developed for the paint and coating industry and fulfill the highest quality requirements.

For many years, LANXESS iron and chromium oxide pigments have been well established in the paint and coatings industry.

The variety of applications ranges from emulsion and decorative paints, industrial and powder coatings, coil coatings, automotive coatings and corrosion protection to wood or furniture coatings.

Within the paints and coatings industry, the pigment quality requirements are high compared to other industries. LANXESS has developed a special product line for this target market fulfilling those high requirements. They are marketed under the so called High Performance and High Performance Special Pigment ranges. Several of these LANXESS products are unique in their product attributes and distinctively different to competitors’ products.

By volume, iron oxide pigments are the most commonly used color pigments. The color range includes Yellows, Oranges, Reds, Browns and Blacks. Green color shades are also available in the LANXESS product portfolio. These are based on chromium oxides. In between the colors mentioned above, a wide variety of additional shades is possible. All LANXESS products are distinguished by their high quality. This leads to a quick, easy and safe dispersion within the application. Apart from their high color stability, the inorganic pigments are lightfast and weather stable. This ensures a high level of consistency within the paint system. The pigments are manufactured using high-tech, state-of the-art and environmentally friendly processes. All LANXESS pigment production facilities worldwide are ISO certified.

Relative to most pigment applications in the construction industry, the paint and coating industry demands higher pigment quality and processing properties. The high performance pigments of the Bayferrox® and Colortherm® lines are well established for applications in this industry. Apart from a narrower specification range for color shade and color strength, these pigment grades are distinguished by high dispersibility. This is achieved by micronization, a very intense milling process which significantly reduces the level of pigment agglomerates.

Due to a special and unique manufacturing process in Krefeld-Uerdingen, Germany, iron oxide red pigments with extremely high milling stability can be produced. Those pigments can be used in almost all temperature ranges relevant for paint and coating applications. The same properties are also valid for the Colortherm® Green pigments. Relative to the red and green pigments, standard black and yellow pigments are not as heat stable. However, given special modifications in the pigment surface or in the crystal lattice much higher heat stability than normal can be achieved.

Moreover, LANXESS has developed iron oxide pigments for special applications in the paint and coating industry. In contrast to the normal needle-shaped iron oxide yellow pigments, the LANXESS “low silking” pigment has an almost spherical structure. Thereby, the impact of painting direction is minimized and the viscosity in the paint system is reduced.

Another iron oxide yellow pigment has been developed especially for use in highly filled, low viscosity pigment pastes. Apart from ease of dispersion, the cost reduction due to a higher pigment loading is beneficial to the customer.

In addition LANXESS has developed a special yellow pigment, which differs significantly from standard iron oxide yellows due to it’s a uniquely strong and bright color shade.

The LANXESS pigment business expects further growth in the paint and coating sector, particularly in the architectural paints segment. This segment already accounts for around 50% of the entire paint and coatings business. In addition a higher demand in pigment paste systems is expected which requires very high pigment quality levels.

The Global Competence Center Paint provides worldwide technical support in all fields of application in the paint and coating industry. In close collaboration with its customers, LANXESS assists in the development of tailor-made solutions for individual needs.