Pigments for decorative cosmetics

All Z-Grades are dermatologically tested and mild on the skin.

For the special field of cosmetic applications, LANXESS has developed a separate product line. The Z-Grades of the Bayferrox® and Colortherm® product lines are subject to certain test procedures and fulfill high dermatological standards.

In general all LANXESS iron oxide pigments are non-hazardous. In chemical terms, they are comparable with naturally occurring iron oxides. With regard to their color, however, they are superior to their natural counterparts because of their higher purity and their particle morphology.

In the production process of the Z-Grades LANXESS only uses selected raw materials with high purity. Because of its very low heavy metal content, these products fulfill all legal requirements of the cosmetic industry.

The Global Competence Center Specialties will gladly provide advice with respect to specific applications or further product information.