Technical oxides

Bayoxide® for technical applications.

For special applications LANXESS supplies a comprehensive range of Bayoxide® products. The Bayoxide® product range is divided into Bayoxide® E pigments that are produced based on iron oxides and the Bayoxide® C pigments manufactured based on chrome oxides. Similar to the LANXESS color pigments also the technical oxides have a certain color (Red, Yellow, Green and Black). However, compared with the chemical and physical properties, the color plays only a minor role.

All Bayoxide® products are often particularly developed for different markets, Industries and requirements. This range encompasses products used for the manufacture of airbags, brake linings and refractory ceramics, pigments for toners used in photocopiers and laser printers and adsorbers for drinking and waste water purification.

With respect to the technical applications, often questions arise at the customer site that can only be solved individually or need to be jointly elaborated. The knowledge exchange between customers and LANXESS might be very intense and some of today’s highly sophisticated applications are the result of this close cooperation.