The Bayferrox Color Workshop

An Intensive Hands-On Program for Coloring Concrete Products with Confidence

Why are so many concrete products manufacturers missing out on the proven, value-added advantages of adding color pigments to their products?


At LANXESS, we think it's a matter of needing to gain more knowledge about color, and hands-on technical experience working with pigments. So in 1991 we developed the Bayferrox Color Workshop, an intensive educational and laboratory training program for manufacturers of precast concrete products. Come and learn how to use iron oxide pigments better so you can produce colored concrete products more consistently and economically, and with greater confidence.


The Bayferrox Color Workshop takes place at plant in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania. After receiving comprehensive classroom education from LANXESS's leading experts each morning, workshop participants will get in-depth laboratory experience all afternoon. During the laboratory training, and with the training manual they will receive, participants will learn about color theory, pigments and pigment loadings, techniques to use in the lab to match existing colors and to create new ones, and about the variables that can affect the final color of your concrete product.


A new presentation has been added to discuss the variety of pigment metering systems available for our standard Bayferrox powders and the new Bayferrox C granules.


The Bayferrox Color Workshop. It's for you!